This video might give the artistic amongst us the inspiration to get creative with the contents of their trash can.

The video is a walk through of a recycled art exhibit from Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, MA.

I’m not lucky enough to live in an area where there is an art gallery, let alone one that has an exhibit accessible to all in it’s expression.

The art work at Salem on the video looks a lot of fun, with many interesting things to keep the viewer engaged, with a simple message all can understand ‘Recycle’.

Theirs nothing I hate more than pretentious people making up a ridiculous story to go with a piece of art that they created.

If it’s in your heart just do it, if it makes you happy create it, it’s that simple no other explanation required.

I have a theory that the reason some areas of art today, modern art being the main culprit, involves very little talent is so the critics don’t fell threatened by people with natural ability, I believe if Micheal Angelo, Leonardo or Monah was alive today they would never make it as artists at all.

I watched a UK TV program some years ago about several art students who had to create some art to be displayed in various art galleries, one of their tasks was to create art to be displayed in a grand manor house, one of the students came up with the idea of piling up a stack of japatis on a rug in the middle of a room!

I think it was like 200 plus japatis, the local tandoori restaurant must have thought him made, after a few days they started to go moldy, yet people still walked in and thought it was a touch of genius?

All I can say is the Emperor’s New Clothes is alive and well in the art world :( .

The girl who won the grand prize of, a heap of money, a studio for a year and her work to be displayed in one of Russia’s top art galleries, Won it by walking the street, stumbling upon a tree stump that had be impaled on a metal fence.

All she did was pick up the phone, make a call to the UK local council and have part of the fence cut away and transported to an art gallery.

I personally don’t class this as art.

I don’t know…. sigh! if picking up the phone is classed as art then I must be a progeny in the artistic world, since I use a phone everyday, if you work as a secretary then you must have people from the art world banging on your door day and night :)