A fashion student from Leicester College won the Sustainable Design Award 2011 with her crisp packet dress.

It took student Rebekah Kirkland, two months, using hundreds of empty crisp packets to make her fantastic creation.

Crisp Packet Dress

She said “it was a tedious job but well worth the effort”, every crisp packet was washed before being machine stiched, each panel is 3 crisp packets thick to prevent the dress from ripping.

Rebekah asked fellow students from Leicester College to contribute their empty crisp packets, she gathered the packets from a collection box which she left for fellow students to fill.

Miss Kirkland said: “It’s such a big thing for fashion these days to try to reduce waste so I took it a step further.

“I’m into recycling, reducing waste and like art and prefer fashion to be more art based.

At just 23 Rebekah looks to have a bright future, Rebekah’s long crisp packet dress was made to fit a friend of hers, I could see myself wearing a crisp packet top, but not a dress. If I wore a long dress like this one I would have to wear stilts, I don’t like dresses far to girlie for me :)

What a great design and a unique way to use recycled materials, best thing of all when it wears out all you have to do is eat a packet or two of crisps and it would be as good as new.