After writing an article about Heather Jansch and admiring her art work of horses made from drift wood it inspired me to try and make something myself using recycle drift wood.

Recycled Driftwood Art Owl Sculpture

I’m lucky I live on the coast so I took a relaxing walk with my son to the beach where I found piece of driftwood and some other natural bits and pieces a few bird feathers and some shells

I wouldn’t know where to start on a large sculpture like the life size horses Heather Jansch Does, not to mention I wouldn’t have anywhere for a life sized driftwood horse in my home or very small garden, So I opted sensibly for a small drift wood sculpture.

Recycled Driftwood Art Owl Sculpture

Before starting my sculpture I didn’t have anything in mind so my creation was solely from the inspiration of the shape of the wood

As soon as I picked up the main body piece of drift wood I saw an owl in my minds eye. my little sculpture found it’s form, then it was just a matter of fitting the other piece I’d found into my art work.

Gluing the pieces together was the hardest part. Trying to find a medium that could stick natural materials to wood was very difficult, I used a hard as nails product that seemed to do the trick, I’m hoping it stays strong should be OK just as long as nobody touches it :-).

Recycled Art Driftwood OwlDriftwood Art Owl