Kulja Kugler from Berlin has created a bass playing robot from junk his recycled art project is the first of a whole band he is hoping to make his next two junk band members will be a keyboard player and a drummer he’s hoping the other recycled art robots won’t take as long to as the Junk Bass player whose name is ‘A Freakin Bass Player’ , Freakin took Kuljar Kugler 3 years to make.

The recycled junk robot is made with 99% scrap metal that Kulja collected. This 250kg bass playing junk robot, can play two songs ‘Unsung’ by Helmet and ‘Bad’ by No Means No.

‘A Freakin Bass Player’ is not Kulja’s only creation Sir Elton Junk is a smaller and more portable robot that Kulja Kugler uses to entertain ordinances. Sir Elton Junk doesn’t sing or play the piano but does have a surprise up his sleeve. When the crowd least expects it they get sprayed with water by this cheeky robot :-)

‘A Freakin Bass Player’ was showcased at the Glastonbury music festival in England, Kurlja was approached by an old man who said to him ‘good work’, Kulja said ‘Thank you very much, bye’ to his surprise later he discovered the old man was the famous British artist Damien Hurst :-)