This art work is amazingly beautiful and visually stunning. The horses are made from recycled drift wood.

Driftwood Horse

The artist is Heather Jansch who’s art work is made from driftwood that washes up on beach, branches from woodlands and recycled bronze.

I particularly like the way the horses stand in life like poses, I wouldn’t know where to start in doing a piece of life size art and just looking at the horses structure you can see drift wood wouldn’t be the easiest medium to use to create art.

DriftwoodHorses Mother and Calf

The drift wood horses are absolutely amazing I’d love to go into a garden or wood and discover these amongst the undergrowth.

I wish I could have one in my garden, but it would have to be the size of a shoe box to fit in my yard :-).


Heather Jansch has some amazing pieces of art visit her website at to view more and learn about the artist Heather behind this amazing recycled Art form.