There are lots of examples of recycling artists creating art from Aluminum cans from the professional or amateur a like on line

Aluminum cans are an easy resource for anyone to get a hold of, this makes it the perfect recyclable material for anyone to give a recycled art project a go whether it’s in a studio or at home on the kitchen table.

Skull Can Art

There are lots of inspiration to be found on line to get you started I’ve compiled a few here to challenge your creativity.

Peacock Can Art

I have a list as long as my arm waiting for me to collect the amount of aluminum Cans I need to start my Recycled art project, unlike other people I don’t have that many Aluminum cans lying around :( I don’t buy soda in cans and I don’t drink beer so to me Aluminium is a scarce resource in my everyday life. I’ll just have to take up excessive pop drinking and hide the evidence from my other half since he thinks buying pop in cans is a waist of money :).

Polar Bear Can Art
Soda Can Mosaic
Metal Yard Bird

Soda Cans or if your in the UK pop cans can be really colorful and make a great piece of art that will stand out.

Shark Can Art

I’m definitely going on the look out to the supermarket for the best cans for my first project, I’m going to need a lot of soda cans for my recycled art project. I planning on making plant pots for my garden, It’s a simple plan for my yard to get me started in my first steps in recycling aluminum soda can art.

Set yourself the challenge the next time your bored and get creative with the family, Soda can art is a great project for the kids.

Peacock Soda Can Art

A simple art project that the kids can do is to take inspiration from Crushed Can Artist Charles Kaufman He’s been painting cans for over 10 years, he simply crushes empty cans and paints on them with acrylic paint then mounts them in a frame. He has some really cute stuff which will appeal to kids.

Crush Can Art

You can view Charles Kaufman work on his blog at

If you’ve had a party and you find yourself with several bin bags of beer cans turn them into some thing nice for your home perhaps a bouquet of Flowers or a sculpture for your yard, in fact you could make another party out of it invite all your previous guests round to help make your recycled art :).

Yard Statue made of Beer Cans
Soda Can Giraffe

The possibilities are endless to what you can create using recycled aluminium cans, so get drinking pop to make something great.

Look at what artist made in 2006 as part of a competition run by Red Bull anything is possible with a aluminium can.

Surfer Red Bull Can Art
Dragon Red Bull Can Art
Can Robots Red Bull Can Art