Here is a simple Recycling project anyone can do it requires no artistic ability only bravery.

Some years ago I took up using empty glass jars to serve my kids soda in.

Kids are renown for breaking glass cups the cost to replace them gets ridiculous after a while, I brought some apple sauce and it was housed in a lovely glass jar, after it was empty it seemed a shame to through it away in the trash, but I didn’t know what to use it for?

Then it hit me why keep spending money on boring plain glass cups when I could recycle these beautiful glass jar that were sitting in my cupboard collecting dust.

It takes a while to get used to drinking out of a glass jar, but my kids love it and if you can stand the berating from friends and family who don’t like to venture from the status quo it’s a great way to keep the cost of replacement glass ware to a minimal.

Besides I think there just jealous that they aren’t brave enough to us them in there home, me I’ll serve my recycled glass jars to anyone with pride :)

There dish washer safe and unlike conventional glass the jars are made of sterner stuff which means they survive more than there fair share of accidents, I have had one bounce several times across a hard floor to come through it unscathed :)

If they do break or chip you can simply recycle it at your local glass recycling bank.

My kids all have there favourite Jars to drink from, one likes the big fat nutella jars, one likes square jars and my youngest son likes jam jars with fruit imprinted on the glass.

I now watch people buying glass ware in the supermarket with fascination as they stock up on glass cups with a trolley filled with lovely glass jars in all shapes and sizes.

A cheap recycling tip any mother will understand :)