I love walking along the beach and trying to find a natural stone with an hole all the way through to make a necklace.

There so simple to make all you need is a stone and a shoelace.

Stone Necklace

Each necklace is unique, no one else in the world will have one like it and to top it off you’ll spend a great day at the beach filled with happy memories attached to the stone you found :).

No cheating though only stones that have been carved out by nature and have produced a hole naturally counts, no drilling allowed :)

I have loads of stone necklaces in all shapes and sizes each one is individual and beautiful.

They make a fine piece of recycled art to hang around your neck and make great presents to give away, so the next time your at the beach don’t forget to look down and go sifting through the sand to find a stone to call your own.

The necklace in the picture is one of my stone necklaces, it was the first one my hubby found me :)