These amazing sheep are the work of artist Jean-Luc Cornec.

My mum use to have one of those old phones, they would take ages to dial a number, each number was painfully slow at returning back to the start position before attempting the next number to dial.

Telephone Sheep

I’m just glad we never needed the emergency services when I was a kid, here in the UK you have to dial 999 in emergencies which couldn’t be further away on one of those slow dialing phones, 111 would have made more sense surely? Luckily things have moved on, nowadays it doesn’t matter that the emergency number is 999 with our beautifully fast mobile phones :-)

Phone Sheep

The old style phones work beautifully for Jean-Luc Cornec art work. I love the woolly coat of the sheep being made from the curly wire.

Even though these recycled sculptures are just a mimic of a sheep, a rough imitation, I’m sure if they where in a field and you saw them from a distance you would be fooled in believing the sheep were the real thing.

Even the body of these old phones are the correct shape of a sheep’s face and the hand set makes a great pair of ears, they would make a great optical illusion from afar.

Flock of Sheep

The sheep even look cute in a bizarre way, they have no features but still manage to convince the on-looker they’re looking at a flock of sheep! it’s weird.

I think their brilliant and artist Jean-Luc Cornec has done a good job, I have no idea how he saw a sheep when looking at an old style phone, but it works really well.

Recycled Art Sheep