Love this little recycled toilet roll heads, when I first saw them on the internet I thought they where huge heads that had been made out of lots of recycled toilet roll tubes.

I was surprise when I found they where made by one small toilet roll tube.

Recycled Art Toilet Roll Heads

The artist is Junior Jacquet.

These recycled Toilet Rolls heads are amazing, I’ve look many times for inspiration to create art from toilet roll tubes for my kids over the years, but all I could find is the usual kindergarten art project of painting them.

Now me and my son can give this great recycled art project a go and I will have something decent to display in my home afterwards that I’m sure will be a talking point with visitor.

All we need to do is start collecting toilet roll tubes. That’s going to be a lot of trips to the bathroom :)

Junior Jacquet specialises in Art with Paper and he has some real nice art pieces I’m sure this isn’t the last time his name and art will be displayed on this blog.