I made this Rock Golem from some old Rocks that used to be a terrible 1980’s fire place that dominated a room in our house right up the the ceiling.

We have had the Rocks for years, when I got the idea to make some Garden ornaments to give some interest in my yard.

Recycled Rock Golem

The Rock Golem is simply made from Recycle Rocks and cement nothing else, even the cement was recycled material by using odd bits of left over cement from work being done in my house

I found that a cement mix of 2 sand and 1 cement worked best (2-1).

It took me quiet some time to finish my garden Rock Golem since it’s a good idea to cement each rock one at a time waiting for the cement to harden (usually a few days) before cementing another body piece on.

I had to wait until we had cement left over from projects being done in the house and my rock golem took months. I estimate though if you make up fresh cement and take it a bit at a time then 3-4 days is probably the time frame for a small Rock Golem.

My Garden Rock Golem is a bout 60cm high.

The eyes where formed by simply applying a blob of cement and then pushing a glass bead into it then letting it dry.

I’m planning on building an army of Rock Golems since I’ve got loads of rocks to get rid of :)

My recycled Rock Golem reminds me of Zippy a puppet that was on the TV in the 70’s/80’s from the childrens ITV program rainbow :)

Recycled Rock Golem
Zippy from Rainbow