These Recycled Milk Bottle Plant Pots are grrrrreat :)

What a wonderful idea for the garden and to use all that pesky plastic.

Anna Garforth Art

This art work is created by Anna Garforth a Recycle artist that uses all sorts of Recycle material not just milk bottles, her plastic milk bottle creations where used as part of a urban guerrilla gardening project turning milk bottles into characters and planting them around the city.

The milk bottles where placed within an urban setting on lamp posts and railings in London

Anna Garforth Art Work

What I like about these recycled milk bottle heads is that there practical, useful and will make your yard look unique and fantastic.

I love the Tribal design, my son thinks they look like a smaller version of the Giant Easter Island Heads :).

Plastic Milk Bottles is a resource I’m over flowing with in our house hold since we get through at least 6 pints a day :).

Anna Garforth

I’m looking forward to trying to create something similar for my garden, we have already done an art project like this when my children where younger we drew faces on empty milk bottles with permanent marker and turned them into vases with a card board neck cone to keep them up right.

Anna Garforth art work as been seen in Magazines, shown at public event and used for community projects, campaigns and exhibitions.

Anna Garforth

As well as using recycled material to create her art work Anna also uses natural media, she’s created art work made from leaves and moss on Several of Britain’s most distinguished buildings transforming them into mossy hot spots to celebrate the launch of N-powers Climate Cops Green Fingers competition which aimed to help kids in urban schools develop ‘greener fingers’.

Anna Garforth

Check out Anna Garforth’s Website at

Anna Garforth