Artist David Kemp designed and made these wonderful dog sculptures from old boots and they can be seen at Redruth in Cornwall there called The Tinners Hounds.

I have a pair of old wellies that sadly have holes in them and I stumbled upon David Kemp’s welly dogs while looking for a recycled art project to do with my old wellies.

Tinners Hounds Cornwall

I would have loved to have given this a go but I unfortunately only have the one pair, so it looks like I will have to go to the traditional sending off and recycle my wellington boots into garden planters :-)

David Kemp is an artist working out of West Cornwall in the South of England, his work has covered 20 years worth of amazing sculptures that have been featured throughout the UK, much of his art is produced from recycled materials and he has 100’s of great pieces, take a look at his website at

On David’s website it says “I make things out of things, big things, little things, old things and new things. I like to recycle things, and find new uses for things that have been thrown away. Some things say something about their surroundings, and other things become something else.”

Really impressive recycled art by a master of imagination and skill turning what most see as useless rubbish into something exceptional to brighten up our every day lives.