It’s that time of year again when the summer is close to an end and there’s a nip in the air, when I start to think of what to knit for the fast approaching winter months.

Was looking online for inspiration when I stumbled across Urban Graffiti Knitting, a new craze amongst knitters and I love it! what a cool concept.

Yarn Bombed Phonebox

It’s been labelled as the most unoffensive urban graffiti.

The concept is simple enough the Knitting artists cover railings, lamp posts or any other object in an urban setting with knitted panels.

Urban Knitted Tree

One of the coolest I found on the web is a urban Knitted graffiti tree.

It was created by Carol Hummel and it took her 500 hours to complete. It was in clever land heights outside the city hall and it stood there for 3 years.

Yarn Bombed Bus

The Yarn Bombed bus was created by Magda Sayeg and it took her a week to complete with a small team of fellow knitters.

Tempted to create a garden room in my home with knitted trees, flowers and animals.